Trick-or-Treat Grab Bag
Trick-or-Treat Grab Bag

Trick-or-Treat Grab Bag

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Do you wish you had more surprises in your life? Do you really miss going trick-or-treating? Fret not, dear soul. We've got a solution: our beloved Mystery Grab Bags. This time they're Halloween themed, because how could we not?! In addition to any of our standard wares, you might receive any of the following:

  • Full-size soap in alternative colorways
  • Limited edition, experimental, or upcoming collection preview perfume oils
  • CANDY.
  • Jellied brains?
  • Experimental products (we were working in the lab late one night)
  • Stickers, wee toys, confetti, and other Halloween-y goodies
  • Caramel Apple soap skulls that made the whole studio smell amazing
  • Ghosts who volunteered for a field trip 
  • Definitely not toothbrushes or raisins because we're not jerks

Each large mystery grab bag contains $25+ worth of items. Please select whether you're good with receiving any bath-specific products like bath bombs. In the notes section at checkout, please let us know if you have any allergies or sensitivities we should know about. 

Note from the spectral lawyers: pictures are only examples of possible included items, not guarantees of products received.