Perfume Samples | Vial 3 Pack
Perfume Samples | Vial 3 Pack

Perfume Samples | Vial 3 Pack

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Got your eye on our perfume oils, but not sure what to try first? We've bundled our entire scent catalog into bite-sized sets of three 1 ml vials. For complete scent descriptions, please visit our scent list.

INGREDIENTS: Fractionated Coconut Oil, Fragrance.

Sets (these have recently been shuffled!):

Ashes to Ashes:
-Bachelor's Grove
-Dirt Nap
-Red Death

The Eastern Forest:
-Jožin z Bažin (Joey of the Swamp)
-Tęsknica (The Lady of Longing)

Final Rest:
-Mount Auburn
-Black North

Leaf Pile:
-Field Dust
-Little Red Dots

'Nother Round:
-Grim & Tonic
-Mourning Joe
-Please Wave Back

Grim's Little Favorites:
-Black Smoke
-The Moss Maiden
-Someone Tell Lady Luck

Witching Hour:

The Long Dark:
-Dark Bright Wood
-Not A Deer
-Tornado Green

Do Not Eat:
-The Gravedigger's Daughter
-Funeral Biscuits

-Pointe Aux Barques
-Greenbrier Ghost
-House of Usher

Smoke and Mirrors:
-Crime Brûlée
-Fake Carl
-The House Doesn't Want You

Greener Pastures:
-Sweet Mother
-Poor Farm
-The Sad Hour