Curiosity Cabinet Scent List

This is the scent list of all our past and present Curiosity Cabinet scents, arranged alphabetically. To view our current catalog, click here. To view our discontinued scents, click here.

Bezoar Stone: Patchouli, Indica kush, cypress, chamomile, balsam, rose, and caramel.

Pinned ButterflyBitter chocolate, black currant, coconut, parchment, cognac, mahogany, and cedar.

Tarnished Locket: Vanilla almond cake, sweet plums, roses, old books, tea, and amber.

Little Glass Bird: Lemon, pink apple, grapefruit, pineapple, rose buds, French lavender, agave, champagne.

Tattered Lace Fan: Rose, lavender, damson plum, chamomile, jasmine, labdanum, warm amber, vanilla, patchouli.

Coffin Nails: Red currant, fig, ripe pear, honey, cooked rhubarb, geranium, brandy, patchouli, sandalwood, and musk.

Sand DollarFresh coconut, ozone, salt water, musk, sweet amber, orange and lime peel, oak, sugarcane.

Ammonite: Lotus blossom, sweet pepper, sea moss, lily, fern, ivy, jasmine, bergamot, aloe.

Swallow's Nest: Green tea, apple, crisp air accord, lemongrass, ginger, tonka, white musk, tulip, amber.

Skeleton Key: Bergamot, cut pine, star jasmine, matcha, cedar, sandalwood, a hint of wood smoke, vetiver, oak.

Moth Wings: Tangerine, quince, orange flower, peony, Moroccan rose, dark chocolate, golden amber, vanilla bean, sheer musk.