Leaky perfume roller bottle? Here's how to fix it

Many perfumers have a love/hate relationship with roller ball bottles. They're so easy to use, but unfortunately, roller ball bottles are also notorious leakers. The ball is resting in a plastic casing that allows it to spin, and as it does so, it picks up the perfume and deposits it on your skin. Neat, right? But that means it's also sort of "always open." Similarly, that roller ball section is usually pressure-fit into the glass bottle, and if there are any irregularities in the glass or plastic, leaking can occur. Some bottles might only leak during shipping, due to pressure changes. Other times, it's just because the bottle was overfilled.

So if you've got a leaky roller ball bottle, what can you do? We asked Zoey (the elder shop gremlin) to make a little video to show you how we deal with this issue. The TLDR is: wipe it down, remove the roller ball assembly, wipe that down too, and then reassemble. That solves the issue about 75% of the time! The video goes into much more detail. 

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