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Little And Grim

Atmospheric Incense Sticks | 10 Count

Atmospheric Incense Sticks | 10 Count

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Fill your space with the scent of your favorite Little and Grim fragrances. Our incense is made in small batches (by Grandpa Grim in his secret laboratory), and is currently available in packs of 10. 

Available scents:

Bachelor's Grove: Soil, moss, forest floor, myrrh, and white musk.

Cartomancy: Nag champa, patchouli, dragon's blood resin, and a bit of creamy honey to tempt the Other Side.

Crime Brûlée: Smoke, embers, dry wood, vanilla, burnt sugar, black pepper, light musk, tobacco, amber, spiced caramel, and just the slightest hint of gasoline (don't worry, it burns off).

Dirt Nap: Warm dry dirt, sugar, and milk chocolate.

Funeral BiscuitsRoasted pecans, warm almond biscotti, smoked vanilla, maple syrup, dark patchouli, and a drizzle of chocolate.

Grim & Tonic: Blue spruce, citron, fresh sliced lime, lingonberry, and sparkling tonic water.

Hedale Wood (previously Black North): Vetiver, cedar trees, bergamot, dense foliage, coriander, musk, sandalwood, frankincense, a touch of lavender, and amber.

The House Doesn't Want You: Worn wooden floorboards, pear, raspberry, maple vanilla, freshly picked Gala apples, pipe tobacco, leather, musk, and a woodstove burning the last of the chairs.

House of Usher: Walnut tree, sandalwood, oak moss and leaves, myrrh, patchouli, pine, bergamot, cedar, fig, lemon, and white amber.

Jožin z Bažin (Joey from the Swamp): Swamp water accord, moss, oak, walnut tree, amber, musk, and spiced plum brandy.

The Moss Maiden: Fern, damp undergrowth, moss accord, fresh water, and a light citrus blend.

Mourning Joe: Coffee sweetened with vanilla, chocolate, and maple syrup, served up in an oak mug as you survey your domain. Notes of vanilla, cream, cardamom, chocolate, maple syrup, coffee, amber, sandalwood, patchouli, and oak.

MyrrhDer: Three myrrhs, mandarin orange and tangerine peel, vanilla absolute, patchouli, sandalwood, oud, cedar, tobacco leaf, tonka, and hints of clove, musk, and amber.

Necromancy: A cold stone altar, covered in crawling vines. Heady incense. Dark words. Notes of sandalwood, spicy Spanish moss, ylang ylang, hay, cinnamon, gingery rum, tobacco, neroli, and birch.

Noonwraith: Towering cypress trees, warm myrrh, freshly chopped pine, white musk, distant wood smoke, and tonka beans.

Please Wave Back: Bubbly ginger ale with sweet maraschino cherries and a splash of fresh cranberry-apple juice.

Pointe Aux Barques: Ocean breezes, lily of the valley, mild rose, cyclamen, sandalwood, sea kelp, bergamot, citrus zest, and just a hint of clove and pepper.

Someone Tell Lady Luck: Bamboo, ginger, verbena, sweet peaches, lemongrass, and fresh rain.

Tell-Tale: Pumpkin, apples, oak leaves, oak moss, cedar, musk, clove, nutmeg, cinnamon, and brown sugar.

Each pack contains 10 standard incense sticks (10 in/25.4 cm long).

Please use caution and common sense when using incense. Do not leave burning incense unattended. Keep lit incense away from flammable items. Pets and humans (especially children) can be adversely affected by scented products, so please use extra caution. Fresh air is our friend!

How to use

Please use caution when using incense. Place incense stick into an appropriate incense burner on a heat-resistant surface. Light tip of stick, allow flame to catch, then gently blow out.

Never leave burning incense unattended. Keep out of reach of children and away from flammable items. Pets and humans (especially children) can be adversely affected by scented products, so please use extra caution. Fresh air is our friend!

Return policy

Due to the nature of our products, we can not accept returns.

If your order arrives with incorrect or missing items, please contact us immediately so we can work out a solution. Please include your order number with in your message.

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