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Fresno Nightcrawler | Perfume Oil

Fresno Nightcrawler | Perfume Oil

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It's time to put on our big boy pants and go terrorize some folks.

Notes of lemon peel, Calamansi lime, chilly damp greenery, orange blossom, magnolia, oud, Madagascar vanilla, pale amber, musk.

Available in 1 ml sample size, 4 ml dram, or 10 ml Euro Dropper (with reducer cap).

The Fresno Nightcrawler is one of the more bizarre (and, some would say, silly) cryptids in America. Originally spotted in Fresno, California, these creatures resemble nothing so much as a pair of white pants, out for a stroll. Later sightings in Yosemite National Park helped convince some that the Nightcrawler (or as we call them, The Pants) may be an unknown natural species, an alien race, or even the bottom half of some ghosts. But many folks easily declare the video "evidence" of these creatures to be nothing more than puppetry or people on stilts. We still love/are oddly scared of them, though.

You can learn more about the Fresno Nightcrawler here.


Our oil perfume consists of only fractionated coconut oil and our fragrance blends.


1 ml samples: Small amber bottles (same diameter as our drams) with reducer tops.

4 ml drams: Amber bottles without reducer tops.

Our 10 ml bottles are currently unavailable. They'll be back soon!

How to use

Apply to skin at wrists, neck, or anywhere else you like (keep away from delicate areas and eyes, please!). Oil perfume often has a smaller, more intimate scent cloud than alcohol based perfumes.

Other uses:

In hair: Smooth a small amount through your hair, focusing on any dry ends. Alternatively, you can mix a drop or two into your favorite styling oil.

In scent lockets or aromatherapy beads: Add a few drops to your scent jewelry's felt pad or absorbant beads.

In oil warmers: Add recommended amount of water to your warmer and then add a few drops of perfume oil. Always monitor the water level in your warmer to keep it from running dry. Never use our perfume oil in a warmer without adding water. Please follow all directions for your device.


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Scented products (especially perfume oils) often require at least 24 hours to "rest" after shipping. The temperatures during the shipping process can temporarily alter the scent, often making it difficult to smell at all! Allow your items to sit a day or two before opening, especially during cold weather.

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